Renewal of Approval Training

Length of training: 4 hours 

This training explores re-approvals and covers the following: 

  • Background of Renewals

  • Purpose of renewals

  • What Renewals should not be used for

  • Process of applying to renew

  • What checks need to be carried out

  • Who should complete assessments

  • Assessment process

  • Addressing Standard of Care and Harm Reports in the context of Renewals

  • Recommendations

  • Outcome and ongoing supports

It is hoped that this training will result in assessors becoming more aware of the purpose and importance of renewals so they are not simply seen as a tick box process, rather an important tool to assess the ongoing suitability of carers in the Child Protection system.  The training will assist assessors in identifying strengths and areas for growth for carers and places an importance emphasis on recognising the evolving nature of carer families.