Reunification Training

Length of training: 3 hours

Reunification is the ultimate goal for most children and young people in out of home care.  A successful reunification will see children return to their family of origin in a home environment that has been assessed as being no longer harmful. This training provides participants with an overview of Reunification and includes

  • Exploring parenting in the context of the Child Protection System

  • Assessing and planning reunification – what are the considerations from the key players i.e. Child Safety and the Children’s Court

  • What makes a good reunification

  • Building resilience in children and young people

  • What carers should do if they have worries

  • Grief and loss for carer families – how to manage this

Carers should come away from this training with a thorough understanding of how decisions are made for children to be reunified in the context of a very broad Child Protection System.