Quality Support for Foster and Kinship Carers

Length of training: 5 hours 

This training was developed by Bryan Smith, a carer for 25 years, and Executive Director of QFKC.   Bryan has been able to capture within this training what support for carers means in every day practice.   The training explores the following: 

  • Who are we and what role do we play?

  • What is your framework for practice and why?

  • Missed perceptions?

  • Foster and Kinship Carers – Spot the Difference

  • Having the hard discussions and identifying what they are

  • Ethical dilemmas when supporting Foster and Kinship Carers

  • General Discussion

In exploring the above, Bryan ensures lots of practical examples are used to assist workers in understanding what support actually is, what the difference between support and advocacy is and how workers own backgrounds, values and ethics can affect support.