Mission statement

Queensland Foster and Kinship Care  was founded in 1976 and is administered by a Management Committee who are all Foster or Kinship Carers.

We are a government funded organisation, the membership of which is open to all Foster Carers (a term used here to mean registered Foster Carers, Kinship Carers, Provisionally Approved Carers and Supporters) with associate membership being open to organisations.

Our Vision
Leave no child in foster care behind.
Our Mission
Represent, Advocate, Inform, Support, Excel.
Our Goal
To contribute to the development of an inclusive, responsive and fair foster care system.

Core Values and Beliefs of QFKC

These core values and beliefs underpin and guide the activities of the Association:

Children in foster care should receive high quality care free from abuse and neglect.
Foster and Kinship Carers have the right to feel valued, supported, safe and confident in providing for the children in their care.
Foster and Kinship Carers require support and advocacy because of the nature of their role and the demands placed upon them in providing high quality foster care.
The provision of care should be non-discriminatory in regard to children, families, political beliefs, race or religion.
All Foster and Kinship Carers have the right to support and advocacy services regardless of whether they are members or not.

QFKC has a strong commitment to the statement of standards, confidentiality, appropriate family connections, research into relevant foster and kinship care issues, appropriate processes for helping to address the over representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people, recognition of the needs of children and young people with disabilities and issues of remoteness in meeting the needs of children and young people. In addition, QFKC has QFKC Support Team members who can provide information, support and assistance with any problems carers may be experiencing.