Understanding QCAT and Children's Court

Length of training: 4 .5 hours

There are some decisions which Child Safety make, that effect foster and kinship carers, which they can have appealed through QCAT.  This training seeks to outline for carers exactly what these are and how they can go about appealing a decision recognised as reviewable within QCAT.

This training provides participants with an overview of QCAT and how this relates to carers and covers the following: 

  • What is QCAT, who are they and who are they responsible to

  • What appealable rights do carers have through QCAT

  • How do carers make an application to QCAT

  • Once an application is made – what is the process

  • Who will assist carers through this process

    This training also explores the Court Reforms which took effect in Qld on 1st July 2016.  The training assists carers in understanding:

  • Who the key players in Children’s Court

  • The role of these key players

  • Carers role in Children’s Court

This training session is information rich and will assist carers to understand both QCAT and Children’s Court