Triple R for Carers (Rights, Roles and Responsibilities)

Length of training: 7 hours

The Triple R training is about the Roles, Rights and Responsibilities of carers.  The training looks at key pieces of legislation and documents that speak to these important factors and  more importantly what they mean for carers in providing day to day care for children and young people.  

  Some of the key areas we explore are:

  • The 2020 updated Statement of Commitment for Qld Carers

  • The Human Rights Act 2019  

  • The Statement of Standards

  • The Charter of Rights for children and young people

  • The Principles of Child Protection Act 1999

 In all of the above we explore what they mean in terms of highlighting the rights, roles and responsibilities of carers and how all of these documents can be used as advocacy tools in support of carer families and of course the children and young people they provide care for.