Kinship Assessment Training

Length of training: 6 hours 

This training recognizes the unique difference in assessing a kinship carer and the complexities and added responsibilities given to assessors.  The training covers the following 

  • What is Kinship Care

  • Why are Kinship Care assessments unique

  • What criteria Kinship Carers must meet

  • Sharing of information

  • The importance of Strength based assessments

  • Initial challenges faced by assessors

  • Additional challenges faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families

  • Grief and Loss and how this impacts on assessments

  • Exploring Generational Issues

  • Importance of Genograms in assessments

  • Helping applicants to understand the Child Protection System

Assessors should come away from this training with an understanding of the uniqueness of kinship care assessments and will hopefully take their learning’s into practice which will result in better outcomes for kinship carers from the entry point into the Child Protection System.