Achieving Permanency (condensed version)

The Achieving Permanency webinar, the second of QFKC’s online training opportunities for carers and staff is now available to view. As a joint partnership with Kummara and Infinity Community Solutions we deliver a condensed version of QFKC’s Achieving Permanency training module which seeks to inform Foster and Kinship Care agency staff and carers about how permanency is achieved for children and young people in care.

This training will:

  • Explore the core components to permanency as being legal, physical and relational and the continuum of permanency options, recognising that permanency does not just mean long term orders under the Act, but rather goes right from reunification through to options of LTG to Other and the newly introduced Permanent Care Orders.

  • Inform attendees of all aspects of the Child Protection Act that relate to achieving permanency for children, from Principles to the Act, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Placement Principles and the core principles relating to decision making for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.  

  • Explore considerations in the assessment and recommendation of orders, legislated concurrent planning, the difference between Long Term Orders and what this means in day to day care of children and obligations of Safety and Support Networks to children and young people subject to different orders.  

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of permanency in the context of the Child Protection Act and what this means in the world of caring.

Once you have finished watching this webinar please email: admin@qfkc.com.au with the date that you completed the training to be issued with a training certificate.