Returning to Foster Caring

July 7th, 2020

Are you a former foster carer considering returning to caring?

If you’re a former foster carer considering returning, we’ve streamlined the process to reduce the amount of time it takes to begin caring again.

We will provide tailored advice to inform you about changes you need to be aware of since you stopped being a foster carer, so it’s unlikely you’ll have to attend training that you have previously completed.

We are seeking foster carers interested in all types of home-based care whether that be short-term, long-term, short breaks, emergency or intensive foster care.  

While coronavirus has caused some changes, one thing remains the same – we need foster carers to meet the ongoing needs of the most vulnerable children in Queensland.

The health and wellbeing of children and their carers remains a top priority and procedures are in place to ensure the safe introduction of children into your household.

Call Queensland Foster and Kinship Care on 1300 550 877 to find out more.